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    All applicants will be processed and evaluated in acaccordance with our eligibility requirements. 
                                           All applications will be given due diligence.
Who We Serve
The Wings of Hope Foundation was created to serve financially vulnerable women and children in partnership with the people/services in our community.

Our Service Goals: (a) to partner with the people who can help these families wherever they around the country in responding to the unmet needs of women and children, (b) to provide relationships that are access points to church services and other resources. These relationships (one with one, one with groups and organizations) enhance networking possibilities and holistic outcomes (physical, occupational, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual), which help financially vulnerable women and children move toward holistic economic sustainability.

The Wings of Hope Foundation focuses it’s networking in four main areas:

  •  Individual Networkingconnecting women with needed services and working her Individual Development Plan

  • Spiritual Networkingconnecting with existing groups and individuals providing spiritual opportunities

  • Relational Networking: we have a positive working relationship with many churches, businesses and organizations nationwide to help us provide assistance in all any way we can help, not just finically.​

  • Educational and occupational networking to provide, if desired, further skills and opportunities needed to obtain better jobs to improve the situation of the entire family. Providing material and equipment or capital needed to start up self employed businesses.​

100% of the women and children served by this project are financially vulnerable, that is, they cannot meet at least one basic need. The average income of women receiving services at WOH is below the Self Sufficiency Standard. 100% have little to no family or other outside support and have come to us as a LAST RESORT attempt to help their children and their selves, meet a vital need. 

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If you or someone you know would like to apply to be considered to receive from this foundation, please contact us. Or you can download, print, and return this form to us by email or regular mail.