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    All applicants will be processed and evaluated in acaccordance with our eligibility requirements. 
                                           All applications will be given due diligence.
If you or someone you know would like to be considered for our list of recipients, please fill out this contact us form and we will get back you with details. Leave good contact info. Email address is required.
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 We are a 501(c)3  non profit organization. THIS FOUNDATION IS FOUNDED BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN. Look around. We all know or are related to someone who needs a little help. This foundation is for ANY AND ALL women who may need it. While some widows may have been left something from their spouses, is that really enough to sustain them for life? In this day and age? Think about that. Ask your grand mother how much her rent is. Now think about paying that month after month but not having any money coming IN. Most of the time a woman is raised from birth to depend on a man. But what happens when that man is taken from her, or if he leaves? What job skills do we have? What happens to the kids that she alone tended to all day if she does find some sort of work. NOT EVERYONE HAS HELP FROM FAMILY. If the woman is lucky enough to have a son, when he grows up he can help yes, but should it all be on his shoulders? We have all made it just fine up till now I hear people say. Yes we have, we WILL endure. But if we can, shouldn't we help? We are not all new immigrants scrounging for food like we're we're 100 years ago. From all the pics of the purses and vacays, it seems that most of us can spare a few dollars here and there. Any and all contributions made here will go to our working widows and single mothers with dependant children still at home. They should get a job and work like every one else, right? Why should anyone be supported? We arent lookin to "support" just help. Help elevate some of that worry and stress that lies solely on them now. It will all depend on how much gets donated but we are hoping to get enough money to float a few extra dollars a month their way to help pay for a few expencese like food, clothing, winter coats, school supplies, maybe a doctors visit or two, possibly rent once in a while. YES, there are our people out there that can't afford these necessaties. And they are not about to say it out loud. We would all rather die then give someone, one up on us. Too much pride to reach out. For fear of being ridiculed. Aint that sad? This is why we would like this to work so much. So these woman can QUIETLY get the help they need. This is why ALL recipients names and address will be kept anonymous. And to protect the kids. We apologize if that effects people's giving decisions. Any amount, no matter how small, is appreciated. Monthly, continual giving is most desired. The money will go to the families in "greatest need" to be determined on a case by case basis. You will be donating to the cause, but the money will be distributed at the foundation commitees sole discretion. All donors names and donation amounts are undisclosed and only seen by account managment. If there is a certain family you want your personal donation to go to, you must say so in the notes to seller or by email. Money will be given to families in the name of the foundation and in the form of a visa or mastercard gift card. Think of all the good that can be done if everyone donated $5. If you already give to other charities, great. But which ones of those will do the most for our community and for the people whom you know? Charity begins at home, help us take care of our own. You do not need a paypal account nor do you need to use your current paypal account to donate. Any card can be used. Just select no account use card. .

Or download and print, and return these forms by email or regular mail.